Al Rasheediah Safety & Security provides turnkey Fire safety solutions across UAE. All our services and products are listed below with brief explanations. All our services and products are approved by Abu Dhabi Civil Defense. Please get in touch to get more details:

Annual Maintenance Contract of Fire alarm and Fire fighting systems: 


Our principal activity is to undertake Annual Maintenance contract of Any capacity and capability and the same is supported by Very qualified &Experienced staffs, Engineers, technicians.


This is also known as Comprehensive Safety program of Abu Dhabi civil defense and the same is Statuary for various civil establishments under To preserve general safety, Maintenance contracts should be fulfilled through companies Authorized by Dubai civil defence.

Design and Installation of firefighting and alarm systems


 An alarm is one of the most imperative pieces of
equipment that we think of when installing fire safety systems in any place.
We’ve all seen it! It is mostly like a small or a big red panel which has a
push button with a keyed door

In order to understand the process of designing a
fire alarm system for a building it is necessary to have a sound knowledge of
the relevant design standard as per NFPA specification, the legal framework
surrounding building safety legislation and a sound working knowledge of
product application theory. The importance of consultation with all can be the
importance of specialist advice by civil defence in relevant areas.

The firefighting system of a building comprises
pump sets, Sump/roof tanks, pipe works, sprinklers, hydrants and hose reels.
Firefighting hose reel is the part which can be easily accessible

Fire hose reels consist of a length of non-kinking
tubing. They are permanently connected to a water supply and consist of a main
turn on/off valve, a hose guide, and a hose with a nozzle The control nozzle
attached to the end of the hose enables the operator to control the direction
and flow of water to the fire.

These procedures are initially started from the
approval of the drawing, Procuring approved materials, Installation and interfacing
with statutory and commissioning and final approval of the civil defense

Fire sprinkler systems


Automatic sprinklers can minimize property loss and save lives. Our design sprinkler is based on NFPA codes 13 and 25, which keeps you compliant with Civil defense state regulations and insurance claimers


JOCKEY PUMP – A jockey pump is a small pump connected to
a fire sprinkler system and is intended to maintain pressure in a fire
protection piping system to an artificially high level so that the operation of
a single fire sprinkler will cause an appreciable pressure drop which will be
easily sensed by the fire pump automatic controller, causing the fire pump to

Fire Fighting Pump Installation Testing and
Commissioning and the system may be interacted with the alarm system as per
civil defense rules & regulations.



A fire pump is a vital part to a sprinkler systems water supply. The pump intake is either connected to the public underground water supply piping. or a static water source (eg. tank, reservoir, lake). The pump provides water flow at higher pressure to the sprinkler system risers and hose standpipes

Supply, Servicing and Refilling of Fire Extinguishers


Just like any other device fire extinguishers need
regular maintenance in order to ensure that the device works perfectly. Fire
Extinguishers are serviced and refilled as per the NFPA specifications and as
per guidelines of the Civil defense in UAE. Fire Extinguishers maintenance
consist of Servicing, Painting, Sand blasting and Powder coating of the capsule.
shell and replacing necessary parts of the valve and discharge line.

Fire extinguisher certification consists of certifying that your fire extinguisher is up to the mark, that it has the required capability to fight a fire and other technical aspects such as checking for the pressure, the fire extinguishing material etc. it may be necessary to have your fire extinguisher certified by law

Fire Suppression Systems


Any product that is specifically designed to halt a fire from spreading without the need for human intervention can be termed as a fire suppression system. 

Like the name suggests the main function of the system is to prevent the fire from going out of control and reducing the damage the blaze may cause.

Controlling the fire is the only to reduce losses and that is what gives time for the fire personnel to respond. A fire sprinkler system is a good example of a fire suppression system. Some other products that can be considered under this category are carbon dioxide fire suppression system, water-based system, gas-based system, foam fire suppression system, powder-based system and wet chemical system.

Having built a reputation across Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain; Al Rasheediah Safety & Security today stands tall with its product under this category. We are a leading fire suppression system company in Dubai with the aim to provide the best to our clients.

Our fire suppression systems are available as automatic and manual, and they are best to help stop the spread of fires. 

We are equipped to customize every fire suppression system to the needs of your premises. We can assure you of offering the best and affordable fire suppression systems.

Built to meet the worldwide standards, Al Rasheediah Safety & Security products under the fire suppressions are the best choice and will only be active in case of a fire. 

Our automatic fire suppression systems are the best and are designed to get active in the event of a fire and prevent the damage caused

Al Rasheediah Safety & Security was formed in 2000 with an aim to fulfill the gap we witnessed in the training industry overall and health and safety (in particular) keeping its criticality in view.

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